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  • Fall Retreat


Christian Challenge's Summer Schedule

Christian Challenge has ongoing ministry events and Bible studies this summer for college students. Check out the "Schedules" menu tab for upcoming events.

Day of Planning and Preparation

On Saturday, August 23rd, we are gathering for a day of planning and prepartion for the fall. From 9:00am to 9:00pm we will spend our time in worship, Bible study, Prayer, Team Building, Chalking Sidwalks, Eating, Planning and Sharpening our skills at outreach. Come and join us! Those attending will receive a free t-shirt.

This Fall Join Us

This fall we will be having worship and Bible studies at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan. Stay tuned for more information as the start of school yearl approaches.

Upcoming Events


Made According to Pattern - Chapter 19

6:30pm, Aaron's Rod that Budded

Made According to Pattern - Chapters 20&21

6:30pm, Journeyings Part 1&2

Day of Planning & Preparation

9:00am - 9:00pm at the Christian Challenge office
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Small Groups

Small Groups are an integral part of what we do in Christian Challenge. We believe that God meant for us to live in community and to explore life and pursue Him together.

Small Groups